Annabelle Anders

Aurora talks with Annabelle Anders

What inspires you to write? What does your writing space look like?

I’m inspired to write by reading. By discovering other great books, worlds I can escape into, and then feeling the challenge of creating my own.




Please tell us a little about your books.

I look for common themes in my books and so much of my heroine’s incorporate my ideas and experiences with the women who’ve affected my life. Regardless if they are highly intelligent, patient, driven or living with hurt, they have a strength that keeps them moving forward. I try not to write “martyr-type” characters. I want them to search for joy one way or another using each of their particular gifts.

 What do you like to do to unwind?

Read. Binge on my Netflix favorites. Cuddle my dogs…

 What would be your message to your readers?

Thank you for reading my words! I’ve never claimed to write simply for the joy of writing. I need readers in order to find my bliss.