Kandi J. Wyatt

Aurora talks to Kandi J. Wyatt

  • What inspires you to write? What does your writing space look like?
    I’m inspired by many things. Mostly though, people inspire me, whether that’s my kids, students, or my husband. Many of my books have begun with the question, “What if…?” from him.  

    My writing space is anywhere I feel comfortable with my laptop. Most often, that’s in my bedroom sitting in a recliner that my husband picked up at a garage sale. There’s a floor lamp behind me, an end table to my right to set my tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, and low chair that doubles as another table that holds my laptop to charge, any extra journals, my Bible, and any other miscellaneous items.

  • Please tell us a little about your books.
    I have ten books published now. That figure blows my mind. Book eleven is scheduled for an April 9th release date.  

    The Dragon Courage series was the first set of books. They’re set in a fantasy realm where dragons live in peace, or mostly so, with humans. I wrote the series for my kids and didn’t expect it to be a full novel, let alone a series of six books. Each book focuses on a different section of the realm, but also follows various characters as they grow. Kyn is in most of the stories and is my favorite character. Themes of friendship, family, justice, mercy, forgiveness, peace, and passing on these characteristics to the next generation permeate the books. Add in dragons, and you have a tale for any age.

    Journey from Skioria is a stand-alone middle grade fantasy. As the title indicates, it’s a journey of a nine-year-old girl who washed off a boat and finds herself in a land far from humans. She finds unexpected friends in the woodland people who help her connect back with her parents.

    Myth Coast Adventures is my most recent series. It’ll be a trilogy when it’s finished in September, 2019. Myrtle Beach is a rural Southern Oregon Coast town where sheep, cattle, and cranberries outnumber people, but when a rift in the space-time continuum allows mythical creatures into this ranching community, young teens find themselves put to the test as they must decide between saving their families, their community, or the creatures they’ve grown to love. An Unexpected Adventure features eighth graders Harley, Will, Chace, and Cherise and a dragon. An Unexpected Escapade features eighth graders Daisy, Ana, and Karlie with a unicorn. An Unexpected Exploit takes the teens into the realm of the mythical creatures as they try to keep both worlds at peace.

    I also write Biblical Retellings. These are Bible stories placed in a different format or from an unexpected viewpoint so the reader can see the stories with fresh eyes. I currently have two Biblical Retellings, The One Who Sees Me, the story of Hagar and Abraham set in medieval times, and To Save a Race, a retelling of Esther’s story set in a light steampunk setting.

  •  What do you like to do to unwind?
    Writing often is my release and enables me to unwind, but if I’m not writing, I’m creating art—either by drawing with graphite pencils or pastels, or by creating photos with a fantasy flair. I’m just beginning on this new journey to add fantasy elements to my photos or my husbands, but I’m really loving it.
  • What would be your message to your readers?
    I want my readers to know that first they aren’t alone in their struggles. There’s hope. Secondly, I want them to know that they can do anything they set their mind to. I try to get this message across through my stories without preaching to them.

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