Tim Sabados

Aurora talks to Tim Sadabos

• What inspires you to write? What does your writing space look like?

I’ve been thinking about what inspires me to write for a few days now and I’m just as perplexed today as the day I started contemplating it. I wanted to provide you, as well as myself, a deeper, more personal insight beyond the typical need, “to tell a story.” After much deliberation I finally sat down, put my pen to paper and just started to scrawl, or a better way of saying it would be that I vomited my thoughts. Truth be told I’ve discovered there are a myriad of reasons as to why and what inspires me to string words together into a purposeful composition.

For the most part my writing career began while I was in nursing school where I was required to write extensively. Such writing projects included research papers, presentations, explanations to theory and practice, and the outcome of a clinical assignment, to name a few. This style of composition was heavily technical and primarily void of creativity. It did, however, allow me the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the writing process.

Being creative is a big part my daily life and I enjoy delving into this area as frequently as I can. Unfortunately, I have to be careful because I can easily find myself living inside my head and cozying up to my imagination, as many of my friends, family and coworkers can easily attest. Naturally the combination of extensive writing in school coupled with my active imagination allowed me to develop of a variety of stories that I wanted to put forth into the world.

In the end, I enjoy the process of writing. I feel there is a deep rooted need inside myself to apply my creativity to this craft and in turn mold a story from the images my imagination produces. Another facet to this method is my desire to express my thoughts regarding how I see and interact with the world, something I feel is an important aspect that defines a creative person. By doing so I can share these thoughts and ideas, through the written word, with other people so they too can enjoy the end result of my creativity.

I generally find that I can write just about anywhere as long as I have my notebook, some music and an appropriate chunk of time. I definitely cannot sit down while I’m on the go, to write a quick paragraph or two. I like to have the time to think and settle into my writing.

My primary spot to work is in my home. I have a large table that I like to sit at and I’m forever in a day carving out a space in which to write. For the life of me I’ve never been able to keep this table neat and tidy. Even within days of cleaning, it’s back to what I like to call controlled chaos. Although if you were to look at it you might not consider it controlled by any means. My computer sits open on my desk and a portable disc player is on the floor ready to go. I love to listen to electronic music (most particularly trance and progressive house) while I’m writing and thinking. There’s something about this style of music that allows my creativity to flourish. My writing environment is further enhanced by my need to sit upright in my chair (I don’t know why, but I’m unable to think while stretched out in bed) and having a cup of black tea or a diet pop nearby.

• Please tell us a little about your books.

I’ve come to realize that my books don’t fit into any single genre. They contain a little bit of mystery, a touch of suspense, a dash of thriller and a spoonful of paranormal. One thing I do know is that my books do not fall under the categories of romance, horror or period fiction.

            Simply put I try to tell a unique story. Something akin to sitting amongst friends and listening to one of them talk about an event or situation that happened to them earlier that day, last week or several months ago.

            My characters are generally everyday people who may or may not have some unique ability. The characters do not have super powers, above human strength or exceptional intelligence that allows them to easily get out of a tight situation. Each one of them has some kind of issue, fallibility or problem that simply makes them human.

            There are many underlying themes in my books; some that are easily recognizable and some that aren’t. I do like to explore the paranormal and such subcategories would include out of body experiences and life after death. Within the undertones of my books you may find my thoughts about humanity, our society and the interactions we have with our environment.

            I’ve been told that the story lines themselves tend to be complex. I believe this stems from my persona and my general disposition of being detail oriented. However, as a reader, if you stick with the story I believe you will be happily surprised and dually rewarded when it all comes together in the end.

• What do you like to do to unwind?

I’m more of a private person than I am a socialite and when I’m away from the hustle and bustle of work I tend to keep to myself. As I mentioned earlier, creativity is a big part of my life thus, I have several other artistic pursuits that allow me to fulfill this need. These include drawing, painting, working in my yard as well as other home projects. I feel these pursuits help me balance not only myself but my writing as well.

            Beyond sleeping I generally find it difficult to sit still. I love to work out (weight lifting and running) and I have been involved in a variety of running races and challenges. I can happily say that this past year I was able to finish a half marathon in under two hours.

            There are nights when I’ll sit and watch a movie, but many times I will fall asleep before it’s finished. If I do make it through I find myself wanting to get up and do something besides lay around. Thus the mastery of relaxation or simply “chilling out” is something I’m far from perfecting.

• What would be your message to your readers?

First and foremost I would like to say thank you to all of my readers. For me there is nothing more exciting as a writer than to have someone respond positively to my books. Especially when they ask questions and want to know more about a particular character.

            It is my desire to create a vivid mental picture in the minds of the reader as they travel through the story. I hope to spark their own imagination and in the end I want them to relish the break from reality and enjoy the mental journey.

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