Book Review: Heir To The Sea by Danelle Harmon

Heir To The Sea (Heroes Of The Sea Book 7)
by Danelle Harmon
Publication date: September 7, 2017
Genre: Regency Romance
Rating: 5 Book Butterflies

Our Review:

Privateer Captain Kieran Merrick is on his way home after learning devastating news about his parents, when his ship comes across a merchant ship that was seized by savage pirates. Captain Merrick and his crew come aboard to find the pirates wasted on the spirits, and are easily able to take control of the ship. What the Captain didn’t expect was to find Rosalie McCormack locked down below deck thanks to her brother trying to secure her safety before his capture. The fact that she fires a pistol at Kieran immediately upon meeting him sets them off to a rocky start with one another. The pair sails off on a journey to try and rescue Rosalie’s brother, and to seek justice from the pirates that might also have been responsible for Kieran’s parent’s tragedy.

From the start, Rosalie and Kieran have a strong dislike of one another. Rosalie isn’t like any lady Kieran has dealt with before, and Rosalie is so uncomfortable with her reaction to Kieran that she purposely sets out to annoy him—at first. It’s always fun to watch characters fight the inevitable and give in to loving one another eventually. This book is a fast-paced read that you won’t want to put down. You have Kieran’s grief, Rosalie’s shame from the scandal she was trying to escape, Kieran’s annoyance at Rosalie, and his deep-rooted revenge against the savage pirates. There’s Rosalie’s fear for her brother’s life, and her overall confusion as to what her life is going to become after this adventure and once she gets back home. With a heavy undertone of suspense and action, Heir to the Sea hits all the highs of a thrilling romance.

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