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Ahoy, Me Hearties! I’m relaunching my Nelson’s Tea Series, and have been busy revisiting the characters and writing new scenes just for you. Do you believe in fate? I’m fascinated with the way people’s lives intersect at the most incredible times, and often, during the strangest circumstances. In The Rogue’s Prize, reaching port on August 28th, a fated meeting is exactly what brings Captain Henry Guffald and Lady Adele Seaton together. If you like Regency stories filled with romance, lords and ladies, intrigue, betrayal, deception, marriages of convenience, action/adventure, spies, espionage, seafaring battles, swashbuckling heroes, and Royal Navy captains and pirates, you’ll love this series!
You can enter to win this prize pack full of goodies, including:
  • a signed paperback of The Pirate’s Duchess, Book 1 in my Regent’s Revenge series
  • a plush skull throw blanket
  • a Betsey Johnson skull shower curtain
  • a golden deck of playing cards
  • plus lots of assorted swag! 

And if you pre-order The Rogue’s Prize  (available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks), be sure to claim your bonus entry – PLUS then you’ll get a free ebook of My Lord Rogue, the prequel to the Nelson’s Tea series!
(Free book will be sent via BookFunnel to the email address you used to enter the giveaway by 8/31/18).



Learn more about The Rogue’s Prize!

Captain Henry Guffald is no ordinary sea captain. As a member of Nelson’s Tea, he regularly takes on dangerous missions under the guise of a British naval officer in an effort to stop Napoleon’s reign of terror, domestically and abroad. And this time, he’s been ordered to sail to Spain and rescue a comrade who was captured by one of Napoleon’s strongest allies. Not only does his friend’s life hang in the balance but he is carrying crucial intel that cannot fall into enemy hands. Failing is not an option, and after a recently botched mission, it’s also Henry’s last chance to prove himself to Admiral Nelson. But succeeding is not such an easy task, especially when his plan is foiled by a beautiful female pirate.

Lady Adele Seaton would no sooner give up the sea’s call to rove than sit at home like a proper woman of the ton. So when news arrives that her brother has been imprisoned in Spain, she quickly develops a strategy to rescue him and sets sail to intercept the first Royal Navy ship she encounters. Ready to put her plan in motion, Adele is a brilliant tactician, but not everything can be predicted. She certainly doesn’t expect to meet her match in a navy captain determined to outwit her at every turn.

Now, Henry and Adele must join forces to save her brother and keep the secrets of the Crown just that—secret. But sparks fly between more than just their swords, and their passion might very well be their undoing.

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Please note: In the event of an international winner, a gift card will be substituted for the prize package. No proof of purchase necessary to win.

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