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Kilted Sin – Tammy Andresen
Historical Romance

All’s fair in love and war. Now they just have to decide which this is…

Laird William Sinclair is a good man. Like all his brothers he helps those around him, takes care of the less fortunate. So why does Gemma McClaren think she can take advantage of his kind nature and just ride off? He’s good but he isn’t a saint. And he’s certainly not above teaching that tricky little imp a lesson she’ll never forget.

Gemma McClaren has learned the hard way that men are scum. She won’t ever fall prey to one again. Yet, even she feels a little guilty when she steals a handsome laird’s money and horse. He hadn’t actually done a thing to harm her…yet. Her guilt quickly evaporates when he tracks her down with two small children in tow and demands she repay him by becoming nanny to the children. If she doesn’t, he’ll report her to the authorities. 

What choice does she have? Except Gemma hasn’t the first clue how to care for children or handle a very large and angry laird. And honestly, she didn’t’ come to the Highlands to play with wee bairns no matter how cute. Nor does she want to notice how her heartbeat quickens every time Will steps into the room. She’s got a debt to settle and a life to reclaim. 



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