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Books I Could Read a Million Times and Still Come Back for More

Hello Readers!

Welcome to our new monthly series: Books I Could Read a Million Times.

Occasionally, a story just sticks with you. Whether it’s the characters themselves or the magical worlds in which they live, some books leave a lasting impact. For certain people it’s the classics: from dystopian dramas like Margaret Atwoods’ The Handmaid’s Tale to romantic literature like Jane Austens’ Pride and Prejudice. For others, epic fantasy stories like J.R.R. Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings trilogy and J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter series continue to be lifetime favorites. 

Personally, as a reader interested in a very wide range of genres, I have a diverse collection of very well-worn favorites that I have found myself coming back to over and over again. As with anything in life, there is a seasonality to my literature choices and, like I crave warm comfort foods in the fall and lots of chilled fruit in the summer, so goes my reading preferences. 

Without fail, every fall I find myself wanting to cuddle up with my favorite cozy romance novels. One of my favorite sweet YA romance novels of all time is I Do by Elizabeth Chandler (buy it here). This book is part of the Love Stories series from Bantam Books for Young Readers. Honestly, I’ve probably read (and once owned) a good third of the 51 titles in the series. But Chandler’s characters in I Do were my absolute favorites. 

The story centers on Jane, a smart, feisty, sports loving, school journalist who pulls no punches and Adam, a misunderstood jock who has more brains, and heart, than Jane gives him credit for. They have a tense relationship due to Jane’s reporting of the lacrosse team, which Adam captain’s. They are suddenly thrown together when Jane’s cousin gets engaged to Adam’s step-brother and the two are recruited as maid-of-honor and best man, respectively.

The more time they spend together, the more layers are peeled away, and the sweetest romance blooms between them. Adding to the charm of the story are the side characters, which often feel one-dimensional in quick reads like this, but are written so well that their depth shines through even when their storylines take place outside of the main dialogue. 

I Do is a book that I could, and likely will, read a million times and still come back for more. 

Please tell us, what are some of your favorite YA romance novels?!

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